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She resembled Kim Kardashian in some of the close ups. No joke! I like Kelly Rowland's video slightly better actually. "Motivation" is doing good on the radio as well as Itunes. Kelly has come a looong way since Destiny's Child. Beyonce has as well and evolved throughout the years. I watched a performance from 1999 and let me tell you, big change. Another one of Beyonce's songs has been circlating on youtube but it has not grown on me yet. The song is called "Till the End of Time" and immediately I thought of Bjork. Are you feeling it? Eh, maybe when the video is released my tune will change.

Transformers 3 New Release Date

June 29th hunnies is the new premiere date. And yes, that is on a Wednesday. Kiss the July 4th date goodbye. Tyrese confirmed the new on his twitter page and I or course had to investigate that. So true!


Uh Oh

Article suggests Black women are scientifically less attractive than other races. Whoever wrote that is asking for controversy. Racist or reason? You be the judge!


Hello World

Welcome to Whitney's World. Yes, my space ;). Stay tuned for hot news and secrets heehe.